Here comes the stuff! Have fun using the itens from the site and enjoying my pixels!
Be welcome for your Adventure Time!

Finally I'm here bringing to you the brand new, quite fresh Adventure Time layout! So, since when I've been advising you I was just about to finish it? Ever? hahaha. Sorry guys, but lately I was quite lost on my schedules and I was kind of lazy with this little pixel project. 

Forgeting the 'late' part, hope you're enjoying all of this stuff. I took me a while to finish all the parts from this layout, but at the end it was worthy. Now I NEED to build up some visitor stuff about this theme.

Although I know my blog was in lack of content, the numbers of visitors is near-zero. I'm very upset about that and I really wanted to improve it. So, hope more and more blogs with pixel art content, that wants to share something, send lots of forms to be affies with. 

So guys, thats it! 'till next time and have a great... ADVENTURE TIME!

xoxo ♥

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